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US Mail is Not For Sale! What a wild time we're in where we are not only battling a global pandemic and fighting systemic racism, we also have to save one of the oldest public services in our country. The United States Postal Service is in a crisis and under the threat of privatization. 


Whether you're sending a note to your Nana, your boo, or your local senator, no effort is too small. So grab a book of stamps, take out your favorite pen, and take action; let's save the USPS!


Click here for USPS stamps and other fun merch!


Check out these sites for more information on how to help protect the USPS:


Signed, Sealed, Delivered

  • This is a set of standard 4x6in postcards designed by artist Christine Tischio of TurnstyleART. The original design was made entirely out of recycled security envelopes. Postcards are printed with a glossy front to protect the image, while the backs are left a matte finish perfect for writing a little note to your buddy or local government official. 

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