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Have you ever noticed the patterns inside of an envelope before? These designs are created to help keep your personal information secure while banking, paying bills, etc. Some companies use stripes, others use text, and some brands even customize their envelopes with their company logo. Most often, these intricate designs go unnoticed and end up in our recycling bins or even worse, the landfill. Upcycle artist Christine Tischio saw this as an opportunity to create unique art with a message. 

Assembled in the traditional cut and paste method of collage, the artist creates one of a kind pieces using the nontraditional medium of security envelopes. Each object is drawn, cut and arranged by hand then thoughtfully framed to deliver a 'ready to hang' original work of art. The artist's goal is not only to make an interesting piece, but to draw attention to a larger, world-wide waste issue, enticing viewers to take a closer look at what they throw away every day. 

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Work in progress

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Film produced and edited by Travis Huhn

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