*I'm overcome with emotion.* - Daria Morgendorffer


9 ounces of pure joy in this vintage, green glass tumbler, etched with the classic Daria logo. 


A part of our REViVED series, this glass was thrifted and given a second life with a new TurnstyleART etched design. Not only are you getting a limited edition product, you're helping save resources and materials by purchasing a second-hand glass. Cheers to you for shopping small + sustainable!


*Only 3 glasses available*

La la la la la

  • REViVED series - vintage glassware given a second life with new etched designs. 10oz glass tumbler. Excellent vintage condition.  

    All TurnstyleART glassware is sandblasted, creating a uniform frosted etching that is 100% dishwasher safe and will not peel or flake away over time.